#Flag This Blog!

4 great months since my last post and we’re back to the same flag worthy content on the cusp of the new year. Complete with the OG Zombie shirt and dripping with steez, Josh Rocheford demonstrates a proper wallride in this new short above. I used to see the dude around, holler at me nig. 

For all you skatepark dwellers there’s breaking news! Unknown overly talented grom added to weird local company. “lol is right”

air jordan 11

In unrelated sneaker head news the new Air Jordan 11 “Concord” is responsible for some good old fashioned sneaker riot action. Let us all not forget the pigeon dunk riots of 2008 and Los Angeles riots of 1992 which erupted over the RBK pump prototype.

On another note, I feel like P Rod’s me, myself, & I ruined a lot of peoples view on how a video part should be released. No offense to anyone getting their footage seen in whatever way they choose but in my opinion single skate parts released randomly throughout the year annoy me. Now that it’s being practiced by everyone from Nyjah Huston to the scooter kid at your local park. Let’s start a group effort to end single skate parts via petition! well… not really. Who cares, Flag this Shit.